How we fell in two days

Cringe is what we call it, yes I know. Fancy myself no hypocrite but here I am.

Day 1:

I found a pretty little human in my friend suggestions. Tap on the profile. Oh, she is doing computer science, is she? Scroll down. Oh cute photos. Very cute. Very cute. Request sent!

I was so hungry - starving. I prepared myself a meal; was about to server it but...

Cute check ✅, history check ✅, family check ✅; oh Luffy - super check ✅ ✅.


Friend request accepted. Follow request accepted. Follow request sent.

I wasted no time.

Oii Señorita, te encontré cute, so te added you. Don't mind me, por favor. Little did I know she had done enough checks to pull a research paper on me. Bit of back-and-forth. Oh, you like this? Yeah, me too. Yes, I like Luffy, favourite character. Yayyyy. Everything was going smooth.

So, I graduated few months back and am interning at...

What? How old is she?

She is 24! Me, I am measly 21. Kids lol. Should have stopped there if I am being honest but nope. After all, age doesn't matter. (No shit, I liked this girl, otherwise it would have.)

Umm, so I managed to pull the conversation long enough to ask her out on a date and convinced her it needn't be romantic. (I was joking lol. Obviously, it would be.) She was hesitant because of my age, but otherwise she was all in as far as I could tell; my innocent voice did manage to impress her with my half-baked stories. Thats a win.

So, she is smart, no dum dum does that much of ground work; she went to my sister's profile to check up on me because my account was private. Hmm, impressive. She has an absolutely adorable smile which she does with her... man, I haven't seen that aligned teeth in my life. She has so innocent and hopeful eyes; I could gaze at it all day long. And on top of that, she compliments ME. Oh, cute person.

Now to be honest, if a girl is smart and pretty, god I totally fall, can't lie, but she also manages to resonate with me? You bet that's rare. We had so much in common.

She engineer, me engineer.

She high energy, me high energy.

She arrogant, me arrogant.

She sensitive, me sensitive.

She likes anime, me likes anime.

She likes pets, me likes pets.

She likes me, me likes she.

(Note: I do realise most of these are generic stuffs. I am not that cringe. But you get the point; and they rhymed well.)

Hypothetically speaking, if we were little vectors in our intimate-d world, our cosine similarities would tend to unity (pun intended). She would probably recognise this as a used up pickup line, but at least it's original; exclusively for her.

Look-wise I am attractive. "That's what she said." She also said she liked the way I talk. Now, ignoring the part that I am usually a boring person but I acted interesting to impress her, that was still a huge compliment for me. Me being liked by a person I fancied. Wauhhhhhh. Where were you my entire life?? I wanted to squish her cheeks. I am soooo infatuated by this one.

And it was just the first day. I wished her a good night and went on day dreaming.

But wait... what did I have for dinner? Think think think! No dude!

So, the dinner had been patiently waiting for me for 4 hours. Wow, I do find this girl amusing, don't I?

Day 2:


Doesn't matter.

Not sure about date.

Will wife you right away.

What will the others say?

I care so much, lol.

Family pressure?

Let's just leave the country.

Billion dollar plan!!

Now, believe it or not, this was the gist of how our conversation started on the second day.


She still doesn't trust me with her photos.

Yes, apparently, we can also talk about kids and how her pelvis would be perfectly fit if we conceive in her 20s but her photos... they need special encryption.

I already have enchanted her once so could likely do it again. (Note that I am this confident because she just makes me feel that special. I have trapped her.😈)

She does fear our age difference quite a lot. Its not the case that it doesn't bother me; it does, at least indirectly and for similar reasons. But I do believe that if two people fit so perfect otherwise, age just doesn't hurt enough to let it go. If she so wishes she was born later for me, you know, I don't know if anyone can ever make me feel more special than that; I could only wish to have her how she is right now in this universe. I firmly believe we could make it work.

Well, change of tone, aham, at least I'm glad we can joke about it.

I am like your sister.

You mean



No she doesn't like the joke. Haha. She is soooo cute.

She also says she would set me up with her cousin or some girl prettier than her. Well, I am sure they are all wonderful people but I can bet anyone a dime, this girl, she is the one you spend 80 years of your life with. (Yes, I shamefully asserted that with 2 days of knowing her.)

After all, would else would hear my stories and adore me so much? I so wish, it was her.